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Mark Kline

Waterbury-Duxbury S.D.
Technology Coordinator
Waterbury, VT
We are doing some unconventional things at Crossett Brook Middle School that you might be interested in.
One is making use of open source software, especially as an OS. It is much more efficient than Windows or Mac OSX, so that whether we are using new or older devices they are all useful, allowing us to have many devices available for students even though our tech budget is tight.
A second effort is to give our students and staff much more control over their devices. Part of the reason we can do this is the inherently greater security of the Linux OS. The other is our use of a "flavor" of Ubuntu Linux called UberMix. It allows us to give students the freedom to "hack away" at their devices. We don't have to worry about what they do as we just set them back to "factory condition".
Our third initiative is called "Tesla Tuesdays and Faraday Fridays". We are finding many 10-minute opportunities to involve both our students and staff in STEM activities. At this time we see student excitement building as they explore electromagnetism.
I would be delighted to talk with anyone interested in freeing up their resources, staff and student restrictions, or restraints on time for STEM!
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